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Got a question? You’re not the only one! See how we answered the most common questions regarding Westvaal Holiday Resort.

Here you’ll find information about our resort, our experiences and protocols, currently in place.

This list of questions will be adapted on a regular basis, to keep you informed with the most current and useful information, as requested by prospective guests.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail, phone or Whatsapp, if any of your questions have not been answered here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your entry fee for day visitors ?

Day visitors rates:
R50 per vehicle
R50 per adult
R40 per pensioner
R30 per child aged 6 to 12
Children under 6 - FREE
No busses allowed
We might limit day visitor access when necessary, as our overnight guests
always get preference to use our facilities

Are you pet-friendly ?

Smaller breed pets are welcome, but only under these strict rules:

  1. Doggy's inauculations MUST be up to date - bring along his / her inoculation certificate - NO exceptions! This is for your own doggie's safety, as well as those of others.
  2. Doggy must not disturb other guests - if this happens, we might need to ask doggy to be taken home.
  3. Clean up where they mess, or you will be fined. No one appreciates stepping in doggy-doo!
  4. Doggy must be kept on a leash while outside

Do you have electricity in your ablutions, cabins and at your campsites ?

Yes! We have hot and cold water in our ablutions, and all our cabins and campsites are equipped with electricity

What do I do when my arrival is past closing time of the reception ?

Please pre-arrange all late arrivals with us through our contact number, 073 489 1647. We will do our best to assist you in this regard. All guests has to be screened, as per COVID-19 protocol.

FAQ's regarding COVID-19

Do you have prescribed COVID-19 protocol in place ?

We have implemented all health and safety measures necessary to keep our staff and visitors safe! This includes, but are not limited to pre-screening, upon arrival of all guests, social distancing stickers, sanitizers in our ablution facilities and other public areas, regular disinfection of all surfaces outdoors, in our cabins, ablutions, reception areas, as well as limiting the use of shared spaces like our bar, swimming pool and hall. We will also be selling face masks on the premises. Guests and staff are required to wear masks when in our communal buildings, and outdoors, when in close proximity to people of other families. All our staff are well trained in all these protocols.

How can guests stay safe during the pandemic ?


Check In

To protect our guests and staff and to prevent a potentially high-risk person from entering the resort, guests are required to be screened on arrival, which includes:

allowing their temperature to be scanned with a thermal scanner
If a guest’s temperature falls within the normal range and they do not show any symptoms they will be required to sanitise their hands and proceed to check-in.
If a guest’s temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius and/or they have symptoms of the virus, they will not be allowed to check-in

complete and sign a questionnaire
By law, every person entering our premises, will be required to fill out this form in full.
This information will not be shared with third parties, except for the purpose of inspections by the Departments of Health or the Department of Tourism.

Health and Safety Protocols

Please comply with these regulations, as they are there for your health and safety, as well as that of our other guests and staff.
Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean you can stop listening to the recommendations of local governments and health officials. Avoid areas that are heavily populated and, if you encounter other adventures, make sure you keep an appropriate distance. Carry hand sanitizer to ensure you’re keeping your hands clean even when running water might not be available.

Sanitize or wash your hands regularly

Always wear a face mask that covers your nose and mouth,
whenever you

1. are entering any of our buildings, including the reception area, shop, bar. ablution facilities, etc. Please note that no exceptions will be made - we do have masks available in our shop, should you require one.

2. are in close proximity of any staff members, or other guests that do not form part of your household. You may be out in the open air, but safety rules still apply:

If you’re camping with people outside your household, mask up.
When using our swimming pool, or spending time alone as a household, you are not required to wear a mask, but you should still keep a safe distance between yourself, and guests not forming part of your household.

Maintain social distancing
The guidance on physical distancing applies on campsites just as it does in other shared spaces. This means you will be expected to keep maintain a safe distance from other campers, not forming part of your household. Please keep a distance of 2 meters between yourself and other campers, or staff, at all times.

Avoid touching
your eyes, mouth and nose, as well as high risk surfaces. Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize!

How does the current Lockdown Level affect my visit or ability to visit ?

As of Sunday, 27 June 2021, our country was moved to an adjusted Level 4 Lockdown.
You will still be allowed to visit, stay, fish, etc., but with the following exclusions:
Unfortunately guests from Gauteng will only be able to visit us, if they have valid travel permits
Our bar will be closed, as per lockdown restrictions
As we face the third wave, we are still vigorously adhering to COVID-19 protocol


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